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andere Projekte

Intermediate stop - a staged exhibition | Halle des Chars | Strasbourg


Directed by Cindy Cordt and Mandy Gehrt


Preceding a selection of art works from suisse and german artists, we summarized different kinds of medias (sculpture, video-works, performances…) in a kind of theatre project. The staged exhibition took place in the Halle des Chars, Strasbourg. The objects and projections were arranged in a long darkened hallway. The spectators were allowed to enter at a certain time as costomary at theatre plays. The perception of the specator, who is used to look at art works which are propped against a wall in a white cube, was intended to follow a choreograhy. He was able to walk around but some videoworks or performances started and ended at a crucial moment, which he might miss, if he decides not to follow our guided tour. The dramatic composition was concentrated in a spectacle which last about 90 minutes and was elaborated by us regarding the interaction of the different art-works. 

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